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Can I keep my Guard Dog as an ESA? Guide



Emotional Support Animals or ESA is seeing a rising trend in psychological studies in terms of its effectiveness in treating patients with mental illnesses. In today’s revolutionized medical world where researchers are finding more organic solutions to cure disease, ESA has proven to be an effective remedial therapy. Studies have also shown that in comparison to conventional treatments, individuals who avail of ESA show better progress in improving their mental illnesses.


For individuals to avail of ESA, they are required to fulfill a specific eligibility criterion. This eligibility status is determined by your psychiatrist who issues you an esa letter after evaluating your competency to avail ESA. Once you have your letter approved by a licensed mental care practitioner, you can go and easily avail of ESA.


For those of you who are aiming to avail ESA, you must be mindful of the responsibility that comes along with availing of ESA. Having an emotional support animal means that you are now responsible for caring and looking after another living being. The responsibility to ensure the health and care of your ESA animal is solely yours. Therefore, before you avail of ESA make sure that you are competent enough to look after an adopted animal.


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Once you have ensured that you can effectively fulfill your responsibility as an ESA caretaker, multiple advantages come with availing ESA. Once you get an animal after getting your emotional support dog letter approved, you can keep your animal 24/7 with you. Accompanying a constant companion to look after is a potent catalyst to keep you focused and attentive in your daily routines. When you get busy with bathing, cleaning, feeding, and walking your animal, it provides you with a needed distraction which can ultimately help lower your anxiety and depression.


Talking of availing ESA, most people are inclined towards getting dogs as their preferred pet. Especially the dog species that are small in size and shed minimum dander are preferred by people availing ESA. Keeping such dogs clean requires minimum effort. Combined with their hyperactive nature, these dogs can be a strong distraction to keep you busy.


However, instead of bringing another animal to keep you company, your guard dogs can also be an effective emotional support animal. With little training and effort, you can train your guard dog to be your personal ESA. Among some of the best guard dog species, the German Shepherd is widely petted and one of the best guard dogs. The loyal, active, and over-protective nature of this species can become an effective ESA animal to help you with your mental stress.


In the following section, we have explored some of the reasons as to why you should adopt your guard dogs as ESA:


1)      They are Intelligent


All species of guard dogs including German Shepherd are intelligent. Therefore, training and taming these animals is easy. They are quick at learning new things and can easily adapt to new environments and know about can dogs eat cheese.


2)      They are Protective


Guard dogs are very protective of their owners. They can also detect the emotional distress or the discomfort of their owner and are quick to get into an over-protective stance. Having your guard dog as your ESA can give you a sense of protection, loyalty, and respect.


3)      They are Highly Energetic


Guard dogs are known for their stamina and agility. They have high energy levels and do not get exhausted easily. Therefore, having these dogs as your ESA can keep you highly busy and occupied in looking after your ESA.


4)      They are Healthy


Another preferable option to keep your guard dog as ESA is because of their healthy bodies. They seldom get sick or catch any lethal disease. They are low-maintenance dogs but can serve you maximum advantages as your ESA animal.Ask your vet about can dogs eat cucumbers.


5)      They Need Exercise


Since these dogs have high energy levels, they need to be daily exercised. To keep their agility and activeness, they need to be indulged in vigorous exercises. Ultimately, exercising your dog also keeps you on the move and active in life.


Here you go with some of the outlined benefits of having your guard dog as you ESA. Training your guard dog to be your ESA also saves you from the long paperwork and the wait to get an ESA assigned to you.  


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