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Essay on "Is the Computer Good or Evil?"


Our modern fast-paced life is no longer very well imagined without a computer. You can see them in any family, even with little material wealth. This thing has become a simple necessity, like a washing machine or a refrigerator. In any office or company is sure to have this wonder of modern technology. Thanks to computers, such a necessary, but very time-consuming part of the work in any enterprise, as paperwork, has become much easier. Now it is no longer necessary to have a company staff of typists, who typed all the documents on typewriters. And if you pay for essay had to get them in multiple copies, you had to use copy paper. Thanks to computer technology and copy machines today, you can make a huge number of copies in just a few minutes. 



In some families when buying a computer there is a debatable question, is it good or evil? For our family, with two school-age children, a computer is a necessity. Mom was a little bit against this purchase, but we tried to change her mind. Our arguments were the usefulness of the Internet, which can be connected and get a lot of information they provide. The main argument was that the essays for sale Internet is a lot of recipes: cooking, self-care, growing vegetables and flowers. We tried to explain in colors that it was not necessary to look through friends and acquaintances for the answer to their question, just type it in the search box. 



Mom was against it, the computer, as she knew that we would spend a lot of time playing different games on it. But we promised to distribute the time and not to sit long in front of the screen. Mom gave in. 


Now we can not only look at websites, but also check incoming mail. We can now all visit different stores, libraries, websites with offers to buy different goods. This can be done from the comfort of our own homes. If you count all the pros and cons of the computer, it is definitely not possible to answer what is more or less. On the one hand we want  to buy dissertation online see the world with our own eyes, but not on the screen of the monitor. Yes, and still there is a dependence on the computer, but maybe just the habit of coming home from school immediately turn it on, to communicate with friends. It seems to me that everything must be in moderation. This includes the computer. So that you don't lose your vision, so that you don't lose touch with the outside of everything, sitting in front of the screen for hours, you have to define the boundary between your real life and everything that's going on in the Internet. Then the computer will no longer be an enemy, but only an assistant in searching for various kinds of information, both for classes and for the general outlook.


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